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The ProVal team was stopped at the end of August 2012, and reborn into a new team Toccata
These pages do not evolve anymore, please follow the link above for up-to-date informations about our team.

Publications : Kalyan Krishnamani

[2] Jean-Christophe Filliâtre and Krishnamani Kalyanasundaram. Une bibliothèque de calcul distribué pour Objective Caml. In Sylvain Conchon, editor, Vingt-deuxièmes Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs, La Bresse, France, January 2011. INRIA. [ bib | .pdf ]
[1] Alessandro Cimatti, Anders Franzen, Alberto Griggio, Krishnamani Kalyanasundaram, and Marco Roveri. Tighter integration of BDDs and SMT for predicate abstraction. In Design, Automation & Test in Europe, Dresden. Germany, March 2010. IEEE. [ bib ]

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